Our Four Values Streams/Metrics

Each of our school boards is provided with an annual report that reflects four value streams and metrics of the Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Office: Academic Performance; Financial Stability; Compliance; and Governance. The academy boards use these reports to evaluate their academies annually. Because the boards are ultimately responsible for the successful operation of the academy, the information is critical to an academy’s successful operation. BMCC CSO recognizes the value and power of an educated academy board, and seeks to provide them with the necessary support and training.

Academic Performance

The Bay Mills Community College Charter School Office has shifted away from solely relying on the state assessment to determine student academic achievement and growth. Our goal is to ensure students that attend our academies are career and college ready. Students are required to be assessed using a nationally norm referenced assessment twice per year. Nationally norm referenced assessments are valuable in allowing academies to compare how their students rank nationally and displays proficiency and growth.

Financial Stability

Bay Mills Community College Charter School Office closely scrutinizes the financial sustainability of each of its schools. Leases, management agreements, long term financing, purchases and all other costs are closely examined. An academy’s budget, monthly financial reports, and annual audits provide essential data in analyzing an academy’s financial viability.


Each academy is expected to meet all authorizer, state, and federal requirements. Essential documents are uploaded to an online document management system called Epicenter. Epicenter allows BMCC as an authorizer to assess whether an academy has submitted required documentation in a timely manner and cross checks for accuracy. It allows for immediate feedback as to the compliance status of an academy.


Field representatives monitor an academy’s compliance and board governance through academy site visits and attendance at monthly board meetings. Reports are completed after each visit. Academy issues are reported to the Charter School Office and interventions planned when needed. Training and support are provided to academy boards to ensure they have the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their academy.