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Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) is currently accepting public school academy applications with an emphasis on new and innovative teaching techniques or the documented ability to dramatically increase the academic achievement of students in their academies.  BMCC is interested in academy applications that target urban, rural, minority, and/or economically disadvantaged school aged children.  Those interested must be concerned with the access to meaningful public education for children who need a thoughtful, caring, safe, and nurturing environment.  Among other things, a successful application must demonstrate the ability to dramatically increase the academic achievement of students with less than exemplary educational histories.  BMCC is particularly interested in management plans that incorporate a financially sound and challenging public school program that promotes mathematics, science, and technology while promoting retention and successful high school graduation.  Consideration will be given to those who can document a successful history (minimum of 5 years) for the delivery of charter school academy education in an alternative school, skilled trades, traditional and/or cyber public education system in cooperation with BMCC or other recognized authorizer.  Any previous academy financial deficits, closure, termination, or revocation or threat of revocation must be disclosed by the applicant or its proposed educational service provider.  Applications must contain an appropriate and viable location along with a clear statement of purpose clearly outlining how the proposed school will align with the interests of BMCC.

Bay Mills Community College is willing to consider applications for new and existing schools organized under either Part 6a or Part 6e of the Revised School Code (Code).  Accordingly, applications should indicate whether the proposed school would be organized under Part 6a or Part 6e of the Code. For the Part 6e schools, the application should indicate which type of School of Excellence is being proposed (i.e., a high performing high school, cyber school or an existing school converting under the applicable provisions of the Code).

Applications are currently being accepted by the BMCC Charter Schools Office.

BMCC Application for Public School Academy


Applications should be addressed to:
Mariah Wanic, Director of Charter Schools
Bay Mills Community College
Charter Schools Office
12214 West Lakeshore Drive
Brimley, MI 49715

After submission, the BMCC Charter Schools Office will review the application and decide whether to present a recommendation to the Bay Mills Community College Board of Regents Public School Academy Authorizing Body for a final determination.  The BMCC Charter Schools Office reserves the right to accept or reject all applications.  The submission of an application to the BMCC Charter Schools Office is not a guarantee or commitment by BMCC that a public charter school contract will be issued.