School Board Training Videos

How to Protect Against Charter School Closures  (Referenced material in tutorial; Contract at a Glance- Handout - MCCSA Webinar - January 2024, Wise Questions Template - SAMPLE - Handout - MCCSA Webinar - January 2024).  (added 1-18-24)

How to become an effective Board President    (Referenced material in tutorial; Board President Practical and Leadership Skills, HOW TO . . . Become an Effective Board President - Attendee,  ReportHow to Be a Good Board Chair , CURRENT Becoming an Effective Board President , and a sample board chair role description charter ) (added 9-29-23)

Using Board Policy to Inform Decision-Making (added 8-9-23)

Board's Appropriate Role in Parent/Community Complaints (added 8-9-23)

Board/School Leader Relationships:  How to Ensure a Positive Working Relationship with Your School Leader  (added 7-12-23)

Board Recruitment Strategies:  How to Recruit Board Members Effectively  ( Referenced material in tutorial; Board Matrix Successon Planning and Profile , 10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Board Member ) (added 7-12-23)

Transparency Requirements:  How to Ensure Your Boar is Complying (Referenced material in tutorial; mcl-451-1976-1-6A , and State_Aid_Act ) (added 7-12-23)

What's new in 2023? (added 12-16-22)

What's new in 2022? (added 12-16-22)

Governing for Greatness on a Bay Mills Charter School Board - 10-20-2022 on Vimeo (added 11-2-22)

How to Manage Information Overload in Your Governance Role  (added 8-15-22)

Suspension/Expulsion of Students: The Board’s Appropriate Role  (added 8-15-22)

Recruitment 101: The Role of the Board, Mission and Culture  (added 8-15-22)

The Finance and Academics Alignment: Painting and Seeing the Big Picture  (added 8-15-22)

Assessing the Transition from Virtual to In-Person Meetings:  Lessons Learned

Extending Board Greatness Through the Role of the Officer

The Establishment and Effective Use of Committees

Governance vs. Management

Managing Your Finances

Board Succession Planning

MCCSA Owning Your Budget During Change

MCCSA Owning Student Learning During Change

MCCSA Owning Board Culture During Change

Webinar for New Board Members

MCCSA Authorizing Excellence